Historical Roofing

Every home, church or building has a story to tell.

For structures built prior to 1960 or those that have historical significance, we have the expertise to accurately restore and preserve any roof.

Preservation at its finest

With a keen appreciation for yesteryear and sense of nostalgia, we work with local historical societies and preservation organizations to trace a home’s history to make sure everything is accurate and authentic. We use specialty roofing materials, such as slate, tile, metal, wood slate, as well as traditional shingles and flat roof materials when feasible, which help preserve connections to the past by adding character and charm. 

Historical Tradesman

Our craftsmen and coppersmiths take care of every aspect of the job, from cupolas and cornices to troughs and tresses. And yes, we also are history buffs, who appreciate the historical significance of each project we work on. Some might even call us history nerds…

Explore Recent Work

Our work speaks for itself. Explore the diversity of projects, from a century-old mausoleum, to an 1847 home that was part of the Underground Railroad, to new home construction.