About Us

Blending an affinity for history with a passion for old-world craftsmanship—Tom Truelson founded Forest Roofing to serve the niche of historical and specialty roofing.

After working as a roofing contractor during his high school summers, Tom went on to college to earn a history degree and become a history teacher. And while history and roofing may seem unrelated, they form the foundation for what makes Forest Roofing so unique. The passion for history, education and the roofing trade presented a unique opportunity in the industry that very few could offer potential clients.

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Distinguishing itself from other roofing companies, Forest Roofing employs highly seasoned and salaried craftsmen, artisans and coppersmiths who are skilled working with specialty roofing materials.

Named “Roofing Contractor Young Gun” by Roofing Contractor magazine—a short list of contractors making their mark on the industry—Tom takes a team approach and leads a talented and dedicated staff who share a common goal.

Tom is on the Board of Trustees for the Cleveland Restoration Society, He also volunteers for The Sacred Landmarks Committee, which provides interdenominational support to congregations in Northeast Ohio, assisting them in preserving their historic religious properties by offering reliable technical assistance, property management guidance, and resources for fundraising and conservation projects to overcome challenges of maintaining and restoring these culturally significant buildings.