Specialty and Historical Roofing

Preserving the past. Enhancing the future.

About us

Blending an affinity for history with a passion for old-world craftsmanship—Tom Truelson founded Forest Roofing to serve the niche of historical and specialty roofing.

After working as a roofing contractor during his high school summers, Tom went on to college to earn a history degree and become a history teacher. And while history and roofing may seem unrelated, they form the foundation for what makes Forest Roofing so unique. The passion for history, education and the roofing trade presented a unique opportunity in the industry that very few could offer potential clients.


Historical Roofing

Every home, church or building has a story to tell.

For structures built prior to 1960 or those that have historical significance, we have the expertise to accurately restore and preserve any roof.

Specialty Roofing

It’s all in the details. And that starts with specialty roofing materials. We specialize in slate, tile, metal, copper, lead, wood shake and composite roofing.

Tesla Solar Roof

The Tesla Solar Roof is a game-changer for energy production and style. Say goodbye to unsightly solar panels and hello to a sleek and seamless design.